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Note: Courses starting in June 2013 are being offered at the new online portal. You can access those courses at


Welcome to the Beckfield College portal to Online Classes and web-based resources for traditional courses as well. This portal is designed to provide a unified interface for accessing the information you need to be successful in your classes both online and on ground.

When you log in remember to use your Beckfield College login information which is the same username and password that you use for email and connecting to any other Beckfield IT resource. The username should look like the first part of your email address. If you need to reset this password please contact the Beckfield IT department at (859)372-5911 or

Below you will see a heading of My Courses followed by links to course rooms for all of your scheduled classes.

  • Classes that are online will end with the letters "ONO" or "ONF"
  • Course rooms for on ground classes will end with the section number from your schedule such as W1T or TAF.

Once again, Welcome!

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